Book Review One Last Hold

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OnLastHold_CVR_MEDTitle: One Last Hold

Author: Angela Smith

Genre: Romantic Suspense

He has a shaded past…

Wesley Webb is at the pinnacle of his auto racing career when his main rival is murdered hours after their confrontation. That, along with evidence found at the scene, shades him as prime suspect. Now he’s under intense press scrutiny, particularly from Caitlyn Daniels, an ex-girlfriend who knows all about his secret past.

And she’s the one woman who could expose him…

Caitlyn thought to never see Wesley again. Now, his life could be in her hands. Ten years ago, a tragedy tore apart everything she held dear, including their relationship. When she’s assigned to do an exclusive story with the reluctant race car driver she once loved, she believes this could be her purging. But chemistry tears apart her resolve to stay strong. Can they work out their differences and fall in love again, or will tragedy keep them apart?

Wesley and Caitlyn used to have a relationship, which ended rather complicated. Ever since, Wesley has kept himself occupied with his auto racing career and Caitlyn became a journalist, and they grew apart. But when Wesley’s rival is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect, Caitlyn is calld upon to run the exclusive story. With a murder mystery in the background, the two past lovers may look past their differences and find a way to reunite again…

Excellent writing, two characters with amazing chemistry between them, and a susenseful plot. What more can reader want? This reader certainly isn’t looking for more – I had a blast from start to finish.


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