Book Review The Luddite’s Guide to Technology

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21247087Title: The Luddite’s Guide to Technology

Author: CJS Hayward

Genre: creative non-fiction / religion and spirituality / technology – social aspects

Mammon, as it is challenged in the Sermon on the Mount, represents such wealth and possessions as one could have two thousand years ago. But that is merely beer as contrasted to the eighty proof whisky our day has concocted. The Sermon on the Mount aims to put us in the driver’s seat and not what you could possess in ancient times, and if the Sermon on the Mount says something about metaphorical beer, perhaps there are implications for an age where something more like eighty proof whisky is all around us.

The Luddite’s Guide to Technology focuses, as the title suggests, on the role between religion on the one side, and science and technology on the other side. It explores Frankenstein-like themes, the real possibility of our world being ruled by machines (which is already truth, in some way – we’re being dominated by machines in just about everything we do), and often religion gets lost in the overwhelming sea of technology. It’s always believed religion and science cancel each other out, but CJS Hayward offers a different perspective.

The collection exists of individual essays, so one can pick and choose which ones to read and which ones not to. I started out reading the ones with the most intriguing titles and topics, and then went back to read the other essays. One of my favorite essays was “Religion Within the Bounds of Amusement”, a satire. “The Luddite’s Guide to Technology”, for which the collection was named, was interesting too.


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