Book Review Saving Jamie

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Saving Jamie 3-DTitle: Saving Jamie

Author: Carol Braswell

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Her secret can get her killed!

The only thing standing between Jamie and the Cartel is FBI agent Rex Garret, but he can’t protect her when she disobeys orders. When a dead body turns up and evidence places Jamie at the scene she becomes the number one suspect. Will he have to arrest the woman he’s come to care about or will he find her dead?

Can he save her this time?

Jamie Kenner barely escapes abduction alive, but at what cost? A traumatic head injury leaves what little memory she has left almost useless. An unlikely friendship with a reclusive, but kind rancher eases her pain and frustration. Yet something isn’t right. Fear haunted her. A secret is locked inside her head, dancing just out of reach…a secret someone is willing to kill for.

“Saving Jamie” by author Carol Braswell is a suspenseful, romantic story about a young woman named Jamie, who has unwillingly become the number one suspect in a murder. Luckily,FBI agent Rex Garret has got her back, and promises to look out for her. But will he be able to save her this time around?

The writing is smooth, and flows easily, with a fast pace. We get a sense of Jamie and Rex’s personality early on. I loved Rex. He was pretty bad-ass, but he also managed to be kind and gentle. Some of the scenes in the book were pretty hot, but there’s story behind them, and the romance mixes with lots of suspense.

I’m looking forward to reading more books by Carol Braswell – this one held all the rights ingredients for me.


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