Book Excerpt from Through The Door

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I’m hosting an excerpt today from science-fiction novel “Through The Door”. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

Picture an abyss of pure energy, endless in every direction, galactic sheets of crystalized exhaust fumes. There were four ultrasonic awl ports to a vessel, curling smoke sifting from each to amass with the stagnant world around them. Now picture one of these vessels here, a beautiful auburn sea ship, engulfed in waves of endless white, three shades of silver no eye could ever see at once all in swells three hulls tall. Illusions, you say! No boat of wood, no matter how grand, could ever exist in such a place as the fourth cursed plane. You are correct, illusions, such fantastic trickery; as to shield an entire space vessel from port to bow; the ship was a pseudo battlecruiser, Class 5 Stellar Siege, built in a different era, a time when a ship wasn’t ever just a ship. But the Dark Epoch has passed; now the radiant is upon us all.
Now picture a captain, cradled in the shadows of his quarters; he has a hat of course, a hat of fine leather, one adorned with strange feathers of the most extraordinary colors. He stands tall and stoic, propped against the arch of a doorframe, Broad shouldered coat adorned with gold doilies- military grade, buttoned up the front, it was too old to belong to his young face. The captain gazes out of this doorway with eyes lacking pupils- gentle lavender orbs perfectly lidded by long lashes, framed by skin the color of a cloud, white…too white. But exactly the color it’s meant to be. Then there is his ears, angled out, pointed slightly and thick with piercings- all of which lay nestled into long elegant locks of silvery hair. He is not human, a distant relative, forty-five hundred times removed perhaps- The Cloudkin Of Fomhaut Two, that’s all his species was that nightless day in hyper space.
Tis I; that lonesome captain in the feathered, tri-cornered hat. What you picture, I see. It’s amazing, the space between dimensions- long ago we settled on the false belief that it was a physical one, to be overcome by speed, a tweak to the Nuclear Lathe’s, simple, cheap. With Nuclear lathe’s being the primary warp engines of the era, Larger ships could suddenly go faster- so faster we went. Little did we know then, that the speed which was thus named “Hyper-space” was actually a place, a dimension all it’s own. “The fourth cursed plane” we call it now. To go there your vessel had to be the best, and your crew…well they had to be legendary.

About the Book

47E680C2-8713-4162-8678-69545C0625B2Title: Through the Door

Author: Malcolm Abstan

Genre: Science Fiction

A crew of devious space pirates and their equally villainous captain set out on a quest to acquire a marvelous treasure from lore; known only to lay deep within the Abyss (A section of space not yet explored). Along their journey they are sidetracked however, and by some whim of fate find they’ve been included in a far more dangerous quest to save the entire universe.



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