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I’m hosting a guest post for the book tour for fantasy novel “Dead of Knight”. Enjoy the guest post!

Guest Post: Center Valley

All while I was writing Dead of Knight, I was living in Chimacum Washington, surrounded by horse farms, cattle, hay fields, and crops. Center Valley, originally a wide riverbed, ran between two woodsy ridges. No matter what time of year, the weather could change on a dime—at one time the sun would be shining, and the next moment the trees’ leaves would turn upward and quiver as a storm rushed down the valley. Once, while riding my horse in a hay field smack dab in the middle of the valley, I found myself on the edge of a raincloud. I could trot south ten feet and be engulfed in rain, only to trot north and be dry. On this day, my horse and I wove in and out of rain as the cloud passed overhead.

I always say that the places in Dead of Knight were inspired by places I’d been, from the Oregon Coast to the streets of Bangkok. But when I think of The Joined Peninsulas, when I imagine myself there, breathing the air in the fields behind Eresther, or the forest’s edge in Rovalle, I think of Center Valley. I think of the wind whipping through long stalks of grass as thunderclouds loom closer, I think of quiet evenings when the fog settles in long fingers stemming from the creek, I think of the rumble of the hard earth while galloping across the scoop of the land.

Much of Dead of Knight took place in the midst of fog and rain, on horseback. When I rode out in the fields, I thought of my characters rushing in pursuit of adventure or answers or justice or sanity. The smell of the valley, the sweetness of grass and the warmth of a horse’s back remind me of the adventure of my novel.

While Dead of Knight was written at a desk, much of it was imagined with the scent of the valley in my nose, and a horse under my saddle.

Dead of Knight

deadofknightTitle: Dead of Knight

Author: Nicole J. Persun

Genre: Fantasy

After a night of turbulent starfall—a grievous omen—six individuals begin an intersecting journey that even the gods could not have predicted.

King Orson and King Odell are power-stricken, grieving, and mad. As they wage war against a rebel army led by Elise des Eresther, it appears as though they’re merely in it for the glory. But their struggles are deeper and darker.

Author Bio

nicoleNicole J. Persun started her professional writing career at the age of sixteen with her young adult novel, A Kingdom’s Possession, which later became a finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award. Aside from novels, Nicole has had short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and essays published in a handful of literary journals. Her inspiration is drawn from the latest studies and findings in biology, astronomy, archaeology, psychology, and any other form of scientific, historical, or artistic discovery. She often speaks at libraries, writer’s groups, and writer’s conferences across the country. Currently getting a degree in creative writing, Nicole lives in Washington State. For more information, visit Nicole’s website at:









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