Book Excerpt from Catcher’s Keeper

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I’m hosting an excerpt from alterate history fiction  “Catcher’s Keeper” on my blog today. Enjoy the excerpt, and don’t forget about the giveaway! It’s at the bottom of this post. The giveaway is for a signed paperback copy of the book.

Book Excerpt

Chapter 21


Even when the plane is at full altitude, I still can’t believe it. Alden and his biracial girlfriend are four rows behind me. Alden’s waving money at the stewardess like he’s at a ball game.

“Another round of Bloodies, please!”

This is going to be the longest flight of my life.

Alden hasn’t spoken to me since our argument the night he read the galley. He stormed off, slamming the spare-room door with such gusto the whole apartment shook. I wallowed where I was in that dreadful butterfly chair all night long. That was two months ago. To say it’s been tense in the apartment, living with someone who won’t speak to you, is a huge understatement.

The book launched last month. It’s out in print. Out in the world. I’m en route to my book tour Fiona has set up for me. At her insistence, Alden is here too. This is going to be so awkward.

“Business or pleasure?” says the guy next to me, an older gentleman who holds a bowler hat on his lap. He just finished a very ripe banana and now the whole plane smells of it.

“Huh? Oh. Business, I guess.”

He gives a throaty chortle. “Back in my day, we wore suits when we traveled for business. I’ll never get used to this. Although I never imagined they’d have microwave ovens that can cook an egg in less than a minute. Amazing.”

I ignore him. I really don’t want to talk about modern technology. I don’t even care if I’m rude.

Kiki’s giggles make their way to our row. Surely, Alden told her some juvenile joke. I can tell by the way he keeps saying, “What’s so funny?” in that mock-serious tone. I feel like I’m in a side show at the damn circus.

“Ah, kids,” my neighbor says.

I want to correct him: No, sir. That’s my brother who’s nearly forty. But I don’t. Because it’s true. Alden is just a kid.

About The Book

CATCHER'S KEEPER - 2500Title: Catcher’s Keeper

Author: Johannah Davies Spero

Genre: Commercial Fiction / Alternate History Fiction

What if Holden Caulfield was around when John Lennon was shot?

In 1980 John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman, who believed he was Holden Caulfield, narrator of the classic The Catcher in the Rye. After the shooting, Chapman remained on the scene calmly reading the book, which he later offered to police as “his statement.” Catcher’s Keeper asks the question, “What if Holden had met Chapman, learned of his plan, and tried to prevent the assassination?”

Author Bio

johannahJohannah Davies Spero was born near a pristine lake in the Adirondacks and has lived in various cities such as St. Petersburg (Russia), Indianapolis, Dallas, and Boston. She has pursued her love of narrative through degrees in English literature, Russian language, and teaching—and has worked as an actress, a yoga instructor, a web design entrepreneur, a freelance writer, and a high school English teacher. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and three young sons.



There is a tour-wide giveaway for a signed paperback copy of the book. The giveaway is US/CA only.

Go here to participate in the giveaway.


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