Book Review Bee Stings

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21453575Title: Bee Stings

Author: RosaLinda Diaz

Genre: Chicklit

The decisions we make create and destroy us.  Fourth grade teacher Poppy Rodriguez thinks she has all the answers, and realizes, perhaps too late, that she needs schooling in just about every area, especially love–oh, and baking.

A novice in the kitchen and the bedroom Poppy samples both, while surrendering to Michael Borchard’s irresistible charm, when she join his baking class. There are a couple hiccups––it’s a kids’ class, and he’s married. Poppy and Michael improvise a recipe for passion that hits all the right spots. Their honeyed entanglement becomes increasingly sticky as his wife and her past muddy their budding romance. Is love stronger than circumstances, or will Poppy succumb to the sweetest temptation?

This is a great book for the spring and summer months, a nice, romantic read with a good dose of humor. Poppy Rodriguez teaches fourth grade, and her life is anything but complicated. That is, until she decides to take a baking class. The teacher, Michael Borchard, is attractive, charismatic, and almost irrisestible. The only problem? He’s married.

What happens next is a mix of comedy, about what happens when you fall for the wrong man – a man who you can’t have, and the dilemma if it’s okay or not to persue a married man. There’s a lot of humor, but there’s also a solid dose of tears as Poppy realizes life isn’t as easy as she envisioned.

Overall, this was a nice read. The writing style is pretty simple, which makes it feel more down-to-earth and realistic. The plot wasn’t too complicated, but we do get a better insight in Poppy and her personality.

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