Book Excerpt from The Beardless Man of Tornobia & Other Stories

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I’m hosting an excerpt from folklore / children’s tales “The Beardless Man of Tornobia & Other Stories”. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt




For the rest of that evening as well as the last couple of nights that she stayed, the princess could talk of nothing but how Adua had managed to survive the assaults of every wild animal.

“You sure must be very strong and intelligent to come out of all those hunting expeditions and tracking of wild animals alive. Or is there something you have not yet told me?” she will prod. But she did not get any explanations from Adua until the very last night.

This time, she directly asked Adua, “You humans do resort to higher powers to protect you from animals don’t you. Do you have a higher power?”

Adua laughed and said “Yes”. He then went on to tell the princess the secret behind his success; “When an animal is too strong for me to humanly withstand it, I change into a tree”.

“A tree,” said the princess. “But supposing the animal should charge at the tree, what will you do?”

“Oh, I will simply turn into a bird and settle on another tree,” Adua answered.

“Ah well”, said the princess, who seemed not to be impressed, “what if the bird is attacked?”

“Oh, I will turn into a mushroom at the base of the tree” Adua replied.

“And what if an animal decides to eat the mushroom”, the princess prodded.

“I will turn into a blade of uneatable thorny grass”, Adua responded. “But if an animal is bent on eating the thorn, what will you do”, the princess inquired.

“Ah, then I will turn into a grasshopper and hop away”, Adua said. “And after that what?” the princess probed further.

“Ah I will turn into an earthworm and burrow into the soil.”, Adua answered.

“What if that should fail”, the princess pointed out.

“I will turn into cow dung”, Adua replied.

“Cow dung?” the princess laughed. “And if someone comes along to collect the cow dung for fuel what will you do?”

“Oh, then I will turn into a nee…” said Adua but his mother cut him short before he could finish his sentence.


The Book

THE BEARDLESS MAN BOOK - BOOK COVERTitle: The Beardless Man of Tornabia and other stories

Author: Bernice Agyekwena

Genre: Folklore and Children’s Tales

In the grand storytelling tradition of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ comes “The Beardless Man of Tornabia & Other Stories” by Bernice Agyekwena.

‘The Beardless Man of Tornabia & Other Stories’ is a collection of original African fairy tales rooted in the traditional beliefs, practices, myths and cultural practices of the peoples of Africa. It shares the same characteristics with traditional fairytales from all over the world. These include common themes such as an ordinary girl getting married to a personage of royalty, deprived children finding a benefactor, as well as tales examining the eternal battle between right and wrong, good and evil.

So, re-discover Africa with this vivid and exciting collection of unique African fairy tales, deeply rooted in African myths, folklore and cultural traditions, with the very talented Bernice Agyekwena in her stunning debut work for children and adults of all ages.


Author Bio

AUTHOR PHOTO - BERNICE AGYEKWENABorn in Ghana, Bernice Agyekwena attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism from where she graduated with a Diploma in Journalism. She later joined the Ghana News Agency after her National Service in 1991 where she covered issues ranging from politics, health, economics and agriculture to issues on the environment, climate change, culture and human rights. Bernice also holds a Masters Degree in Social Communication from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and a Bachelors Degree in Social Science from the same university.

‘The Beardless Man of Tornabia & Other Stories’ is Bernice Agyekwena’s first published work.






Purchase the book:

AMAZON (US): Amazon (US) | AMAZON (UK): Amazon (UK) | THE BOOK DEPOSITORY: The Book Depository | BARNES & NOBLE: Barnes & Noble | FLIPKART: Flipkart  | FISHPOND: Fishpond


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