Book Excerpt from Hunted Heiress

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I’m happy to host an excerpt from romance/action/adventure novella “Hunted Heiress” today. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

The airport was disastrously crowded; did I miss the memo that this weekend is the weekend everyone gets away? … Oh God! Will these people just get out of my way?! “Excuse me… pardon me… please move… I SAID MOVE IT!” she finally snapped ata close knit Indian family blocking her way to the bathroom.

Once inside she took a deep breath and stared at her reflection in the mirror. I could use a touch up! She fished in her makeup bag for the appropriate articles and daintily applied the foundation, blush and mascara. Sighing deeply she packed up her bag and swiveled around to the exit of the restroom. Oh god… It is crowded at the security check… I am going to be here forever!

Hunted Heiress

hunted heiress coverTitle: Hunted Heiress

Author: Aeriell Lawton

Genre: Action/Adventure Romance

Miranda Caldwell is kidnapped at the airport on her way to France for a vacation.

She is forced onto another airplane which crashes into the dense woods. She is rescued by Ryan, a deep undercover officer who is taking a much needed break. He takes her back to civilization and safety. Miranda’s ordeal is over. Or is it.


Author Bio

Thomas Rutledge has normally written in the make money genre with seven books available. Writing as Aeriell Lawton, Hunted Heiress is the first foray into the world of action/adventure. The next book “Killer Cure” is currently in pre-production and will be available soon.



Book titles available at:

Audiobook version


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