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Are you in the mood fomr some young adult dystopia? Check out “Belligerent”. And if you want to get a sneak peek, then read this excerpt first!

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“Delivery,” the disciplinary squad member announced as if she were a postal worker and Ryan was some package to be delivered.

The man spun around in his chair. “Who do we have here?” he asked with a surprisingly friendly smile.

“Candidate for Shifter’s team,” she replied. The man grabbed for a tablet and after glancing at it for a few moments, addressed them again.


“Yeah,” he replied with a nod, nerves creeping into overdrive as he noticed all the medical devices placed around the room. Despite his best efforts, sweat formed on his brow.

“I’m Dr. March. Looks like you’re here for a first time band.”

Ryan didn’t reply. He clasped his right wrist with his left hand to keep his arms from shaking. A band? No. No, no, no.

To his surprise, Dr. March addressed the disciplinary squad member next. “You can leave now.”

The guard stepped out of the room but not before flashing a look of warning. The unspoken threat was as clear as it had been his entire stay: try to run and we will take you down.

“Okay, Ryan, let’s get started.”

It wasn’t so terrible at first. Ryan was weighed and measured. His eye color and hair color were marked down on a chart. His finger was pricked and a small sample of his blood was taken. Dr. March whistled an unknown tune between each test as he reached for instruments or his tablet. Just as his nerves began to settle, things unraveled when the doctor pulled out a tray of syringes.

“First, we’re going to test you for any allergies.”

“I don’t have any,” Ryan quickly assured.

“You may have an allergy to something you’ve never been exposed to before,” the doctor said as he lifted one of the larger syringes filled with a thick substance. “Left arm, please.”

Ryan hesitated, and the doctor’s grin faded. “Please don’t make me call in reinforcements. It’s far easier if you cooperate, son.”

Ryan’s eyes flickered to the door then back to the doctor before he slowly held out his arm. “Will it hurt?”

“Just a little,” he replied before injecting the serum. It pinched, but it didn’t really hurt. After several long moments, Dr. March placed the shot in a bio-hazard container.

“Now, we wait a few minutes before proceeding.” He resumed his soft whistling.

“How will you know if I’m allergic to anything?” Ryan asked, staring down at the small red dot forming on his skin. The edges of the puncture began to turn an unsettling shade of purple.

“That’s how,” the doctor replied taking Ryan’s arm in his grasp to study it. “Not too bad. You seem to have a mild lactose intolerance, but otherwise you’re not showing any other allergies.”

“You got that from a color?”

“And the size of the ring it formed,” Dr. March replied. “Best medical breakthrough yet, that shot is. Can test for every allergy in mere minutes with only one prick. Saves a lot of time and pain. You know, a Belligerent came up with it.” He reached for the next shot on the tray. “Now for the vaccines.”

“Are those all-in-one too?” Ryan asked hopefully.

Dr. March chuckled. “Don’t be silly. Of course they’re not! Luckily, you’ve only got about six of those to endure.” Ryan blanched, but Dr. March placed a wrinkled hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring squeeze. “Don’t look so scared. You can’t be afraid of needles when you’ll soon be facing swords!”

The next six shots were painful but not excruciating and left behind sore spots on his skin that made Ryan think he should play connect the dots.

After another part of the whistled tune, the doctor said, “We’ve got butterflies, polka dots, cupcakes, race cars and jungle animals.”


Dr. March held up a pack of bandages. “Those are your choices.”

“You don’t have any normal ones?”

“My job is to treat Betas for their academy enrollment,” Dr. March said flatly. “Almost all my patients are ten years old.”

Ryan grunted. “Race cars.”


Belligerent_CVR_LRGTitle: Belligerent

Author: B.N. Mauldin

Genre: YA Dystopian

In a dystopian future the populace is segregated into castes. Belligerents, the lowest of status, are comprised of criminals and outcasts. Content as a faceless Commoner, Ryan has made a life for himself on the streets as a car thief. While the work isn’t the most noble, he’s known as one of the best despite his young age.

 Ryan’s skills catch the eye of a flagrant Owner, bent on winning the virtual competition: Vicara. Newly branded as a Belligerent, Ryan struggles for freedom and acceptance at an academy specialized in training teams for Vicara. Ryan’s place on the team is shaky as he learns the truth and tragedy behind the person he replaces.

 Join the Belligerents as we get our first look into the world of Vicara!


Author Bio

FP Pic - BN MauldinWriting since she was “old enough to hold a crayon”, B.N. Mauldin resides in Lexington, North Carolina with her two cats. Her parents, Bill, Bobby, Shirley, and Mary have always been great sources of encouragement, as well as her two younger brothers, Matthew and Donovan, whose imaginations inspire her writing.  A vital element of Mauldin’s mentality involves looking at something ordinary while contemplating what else it could be.

A tea addict and “Slytherin” at heart Mauldin also gets a spark of creativity through considerable reading of “some of the greatest works ever written.”

To read more about B.N., follow her blog:

Mauldin’s first novel, Belligerent, is now available for pleasurable reading through Fable Press:


Belligerent is available now through in paperback and Kindle versions and wherever books are sold. (US): (UK): (Canada):


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