Book Excerpt from The Giant Slayer

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I’m happy to host an excerpt today from the 7th book in the Grimm Chronicles, a young adult fantasy adventure series. The book is called “The Giant Slayer” and it’s on tour from May 13th to May 20th.

Read The Excerpt

I opened the door, not quite ready for anything.

… Which was why the glowing figure standing in front of the open stainless steel refrigerator caused me to jump back, letting out a very un-hero-like “Eek!”

He closed the refrigerator door, mumbling something as he finished chewing whatever sandwich he’d stolen. He was also clutching a little porcelain cup for espresso, holding it in a dainty sort of way. I shook off the shock long enough to take him in: tall, handsome in a Germanic sort of way, with tussled blond hair and a square jaw. He was wearing a trendy striped shirt with a sharp collar and jeans that were borderline bell-bottoms, like he’d picked them up at a secondhand store. He had long sideburns that seemed to be glowing even more than the rest of his body, as if they might come to life and attack.

“Sorry,” he said, chewing furiously. “Just give me a minute, if you could.”

“Sure,” I said, crouching down. I kept my eyes on him, glancing down only once to make sure the saber blade I was drawing was actually a straight line. I pulled it from the floor, hefting its weight.

The Corrupted man chuckled. “Ah, a hero. It has been some time,” he said with a musical German accent. He swallowed the last bit of his sandwich and finished off his espresso, then tossed the little cup on the floor. “How may I be of service to you?”

“Oh I dunno.” I shrugged, taking in the car. It was a storage room, with two large stainless steel fridges and one freezer on one side, and dozens of tall aluminum shelves on the other side. The shelves were full of cans, bottles, and bags of coffee. The aisle was wide, plenty of room to do battle. “Maybe you could tell me your master plan?”

“Of course.” He bowed low. “My name is Hans, at your service. Do you recognize me from the fairy tales?”

I rolled my eyes. “Everyone in Grimms’ Fairy Tales is named Hans.”

“Ah, of course. Well, no matter.” He reached down, grabbing the knapsack at his feet and hefting the leather strap over his shoulder with a grunt. “If you must know, I’m taking this to my master, Tom Thumb.”

“I …” The saber wavered in my hand. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder to make sure the door behind me was still closed. Something wasn’t adding up. “Wait, are you really telling me your master plan?”

He nodded.

“How is Sam Grayle involved?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I can’t say I know the fellow.”

“All right, so who’s Tom Thumb?”

“He’s the little guy. From the fairy tale.” His eyes narrowed. “Just how new are you to this hero thing? Do I need to explain it all to you?”

“No, you don’t need to explain it all to me,” I snapped. “I’m just trying to get my bearings here. I’m a little weirded out.”

“He’s a wonderful fellow, by the way. Very kind. Took me in when no one else would. Kept me safe from the heroes, he did. Oh, there was the business about the giant, but I’m not one to judge.”

“The gi-ant?” My voice cracked.

He sighed, checking the silver watch around his right wrist. “I have other things that need to be done here, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you the rest of our master plan without interruptions.”

I bowed sarcastically. “By all means … proceed.”

“Thank you. Like I said, I’m working for Tom Thumb. Being a man of small stature, he cannot leave the confines of his lair without risking bodily harm or drawing attention to himself. So naturally I go out and procure whatever he needs.” He opened his knapsack, rifling through the contents. “Let’s see … we have three strands of virgin’s hair … salt … a dead fly … eyeball of newt … some cinnamon …”

I felt my stomach turn. “Just tell me what it’s for.”

“Why, for Tom Thumb’s potion.”

“To do what?!”

“To grow tall.”

I took a cautious step forward, eyes narrowing. I pointed the saber blade at him. “Cool story, bro. Why are you telling me all of this?”

Hans spread his arms in mock defenselessness. He smiled, revealing glowing golden teeth. “Because you can’t kill me, my dear. Though you are certainly welcome to try.”

I took another step forward. The tips of my fingers tingled. What was his game? I was only one more step away from running him through and ending his story for good and yet he looked about as frightened as a tiger in front of a rat.

“Go on,” he said soothingly. “Don’t dally.”

“All right …” I stepped forward with a quick attack. The blade was parried by the refrigerator door as it popped open, nearly knocking me over.

Hans took a step back. “Oh now that is strange. What are the odds that the refrigerator would fly open like that?”

I took another step forward. Below us, the wheels of the train clanged ominously, and the entire car shuddered. Something moved in the corner of my eye and I turned just in time to get one hand out as the tall shelving unit to my left fell right onto me. I landed on the floor and felt a painful stinging sensation run across my shoulder. The shelving unit was heavy, and the collection of pots on the top shelf nearly knocked me in the head, banging loudly on the floor and rolling to a stop at Hans’s feet.

Dark, smoky-smelling espresso beans poured out of one of the bags, burying my feet.

“This isn’t my idea,” Hans said. “And I do apologize for this. But you see, I was simply written to be very, very lucky.” He stepped closer, grinning a devilish grin. “You, on the other hand …”

About The Giant Slayer

3101693Title: The Giant Slayer

Author: Ken Brosky and Isabella Fontaine

Genre: YA adventure/fantasy

Europe: birthplace of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. An unfamiliar land, brimming with its own breed of Corrupted who hide in the shadows, growing more evil with each passing day. For modern-day hero Alice Goodenough, this is more than enough to worry about. But she also has a fencing tournament to think about.

And a promise to keep with Sam Grayle, a Corrupted dwarf who schemes for more and more wealth. When their train breaks down in a small town in eastern Hungary, Alice finds the legacy of the hero is alive and well. Corrupted have visited this town before, and they aren’t quite vanquished just yet. There’s one left, hiding away, biding his time to enact a terrible price on his enemies. A little creature with big, big plans …

Werewolves. Vampires. Giants. Europe is a different place with new dangers, new monsters and new surprises.

Author Bio

Ken Brosky received his MFA in writing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. In addition to working on The Grimm Chronicles, he also writes literary fiction. His most recent publication was in Midwestern Gothic.

Isabella Fontaine spends her time studying interior design. This is her first writing project.



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