Book Review Wishful Thinking by S.P. Wilcox and Giveaway

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Wishful ThinkingTitle: Wishful Thinking
Author: S.P. Wilcox
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Purchase: Amazon

Left heart broken by her high school sweetheart Sydney is in no means interested in having a serious relationship. She has just finished her freshman year of college and is headed home, leaving her best friend at school and no hopes for an exciting summer.

Sydney is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by her longtime friend Heather. Accepting this opportunity could make or break her summer vacation. When a gorgeous young man crosses her path more than one time, Sydney is almost torn to pieces by her immediate attraction to him. Making her choice simple, she will take the offer from her friend and embark on a summer she will never forget.

Sydney is looking for a summer filled with endless amounts of fun. What she doesn’t know is this is the summer that will change her love life forever. See what happens to Sydney in her quest to have a summer filled with no ties.

A high-school romance gone wrong has damaged Sydney beyond repair. She can’t seem to trust any guy anymore. She hoped freshman year of college would help heal her scars, but it seems as if she remains stuck in the past. With summer around the corner, her friend Heather invites her to spend the summer at her parents’ beach house. Sydney agrees after she finds a job at the surf shop, so at least she can cover her own expenses.

Grant has been going to the beach every summer. He’s the guy who forms no attachments, and who leaves behind a string of broken-hearted women who tried to change him, but failed miserably. Your typical bad boy, who can’t help himself but is unable to bond with anyone. Commitment issues aside, he’s a decent guy. He brings out feelings Sydney didn’t think she could experience ever again. With a laid-back, carefree personality, ready for any challenge, he’s quickly got her interest.

And as summer progresses, and they spend more time together, he may just win her heart as well.

I thought this story was okay, but I didn’t love it. There was promise, but it felt a bit tiring and familiar. I mean, I’ve read the plot before. Broken-hearted girl meets charming, mysterious bad boy who can’t bond with anyone, yet they connect and live happily ever after. He’s willing to do for her what he couldn’t for anyone else. And the number of romance books taking place on the beach during summer is gigantic. So the plot definitely wasn’t original. I liked the characters, but they could’ve been better as well. Sydney was underdeveloped as a character, in my opinion. She read like Bella Swan, the idea of a girl, but she didn’t have enough personality to actually be a girl.

I think the author did a much better job portraying Grant as an actual, real human being though. I liked him. He was complex, sometimes even annoying, but at least he was a fully formed character with an actual personality.

Some parts of the book were rushed – especially the beginning chapters – and other parents went very, very slow. I can overlook this though because it’s the author’s debut, as far as I can tell, and most debut books tend to suffer from this symptom.

What I did think was remarkable were the romance scenes. They were written very well, especially for a debut author.

The strange thing is that, all these things together actually worked. It wasn’t magic, it wasn’t the best book ever, but it was a pleasant read, and I finished it quicker than I thought. If you don’t go in hoping to find the next bestseller, you’ll probably have fun reading this book. If you want a nice love story to pass the time, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Credit: I was given an eBook copy in exchange for an honest review through Enchanted Book Promotions.


The author allowed me to give away an eBook copy of Wishful Thinking on my blog. If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is leave a comment below with a valid email address, and you’ll have the chance to win a copy. This is international, and winners will be notified through email.


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