Guest Post: Who Inspires Me by author Courtney Elliott

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We’re hosting a guest post by author Courtney Elliott today, in which the author talks about who inspires her. Courtney Elliott is the author of “The Chick Flick Project” currently on tour with Enchanted Book Promotions.

Who Inspires Me

I’m inspired by a lot of people on a daily basis. It doesn’t take much to get an idea rolling in my head, and I’m very grateful for that. My biggest problem is usually focusing on only one idea at a time rather than coming up with one.

I think my biggest inspiration right now are the friends that I’m surrounded by. They always have so many interesting things going on and I’m usually finding ideas in their day to day lives. Two of my ideas are actually based on two friends of mine. One had a dream about her and a guy and I thought it sounded like a great story, so I wrote down a quick idea and then went for it. The second was actually living my idea for a little while.

Other than that I look to other writers for inspiration. One of my favorite authors is a woman named Bobbi Smith. I think she’s absolutely fascinating. Her stories always have a way of completely hooking me. I can finish one of her books in a day, and that is saying something. My favorite of hers is called Pirates Promise. I just thought it was such a great story and I’ve read it several times.

Another author that really inspires me is Nicholas Sparks. His stories tend to have the tragic effect that I find so captivating. I have yet to find a story of his that I don’t completely adore, and I hope I never do. My favorite of his would probably have to be The Notebook. I know it’s extremely cliché, but it’s just such an amazing love story. It made me want to write great love stories myself.

When I began writing The Chick Flick Project, I wanted to try and incorporate these authors into it. I kept thinking of how sweet but powerful these love stories were. They had characters that the reader found themselves rooting for the entire time. That was exactly what I was trying to accomplish with Zack and Ally. I wanted two people that not only could readers relate to, but also wanted to see succeed.

About “The Chick Flick Project”

Title: The Chick Flick Project
Author: Courtney Elliott
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Publisher: Senzuri Books

Ally Nichols is fed up with constantly putting herself out there to only be rejected again and again. After her most recent failure, she comes up with a solution. She decides to start modeling her love life after all of the big screen’s most recognizable love stories. Hilarity, heartbreak, mishaps and mayhem ensue. She hopes that maybe one of them actually figured out the secret to true love. The only problem: no one ever told her that sometimes your Hollywood Happy Ending is where you least expect to find it.

Author Bio

Courtney Elliott lives in a small town in Texas called Cleburne. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old. She’s an easy person to get along with. She loves making jokes, most of which are self deprecating. She’s not ashamed of who she is therefore not afraid to be herself. She may be young, but does not believe age should be a factor, her writing should speak for itself.


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