Book Review: Deliver Us and Giveaway

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Title: Deliver Us
Author: Santino Reynolds
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Senzuri Books
Publication Date: October 2012

“I caused this, because I’m too afraid of…him.”

“I caused this, because I sat back and let life pass me by.”

“I caused this, because I let my anger and beliefs get the best of me.”

Three strangers share with you, the events that took place ten months ago that changed their lives forever.

Javier escapes his abusive relationship with Rick. But can he trust his traveling companion as they head to Arkansas for safety?

Ryan dreams of the world outside of Arkansas; his only way out is college. Meanwhile, Ryan’s friend returns for the summer with a shocking gift. Can Ryan stop dreaming and focus on the nightmare brewing around him?

Shawn is a family man whose hate becomes all too consuming. He pays the price for his hatred, but how much will revenge cost him?

Listen to three stories unfold and collide as Javier, Ryan, and Shawn share their thoughts, a twist you’ll never forget, and their fate.

I enjoyed reading Deliver Us. It’s been a while since I tried a suspense novel, and this one was an enjoyable read. I liked the characters and their own little quircks, and I enjoyed how in the end all their seperate stories came together. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of suspense novels or thrillers. It’s not scary, but it has a fair dose of suspense and action to keep the story going.

Three characters meet due to a series of strange coincedences. We’re introduced to Ryan first. Ryan works in a car repair shop, but dreams of going to university. He’s saving money to do so, but meanwhile he’s a little envious from his friend Tom, who did get to go to college and escape the small town they grew up in. Tom comes back with a shocking revelation though: while being in college, he found out a startling truth about himself, namely that he’s gay.

Next up, we meet Shawn, who works in the local dinner and gets rather irritated when a young gay couple walks in one night to have some fries and drinks. Shawn is an old-fashioned sort of block: he’s against ‘being gay’. As a devout religious person, he interpretes the Bible rather strictly, and prefers it when gay people stay away from him. He even goes as far as to state they should get the hell out of his town. While I personally have serious problems with these kinds of statements, they’re rather befitting for the character of Shawn. He acts like he still lives in the 1970s. Sometimes I wished I could just knock some sense into him, or knock him over the head with a giant umbrella. Unfortunately, Shawn isn’t just a man of words either. Encouraged by his relatives, he’s willing to take the law in his own hands and do something about the gay people crossing into his ‘territory.’

As you’ll probably understand, I disliked Shawn right away. There was nothing likeable about this character either. The next character introduced to us, Javier, was an entirely different person though. I liked Javier instantly. When we meet him the first time around, Javier is trying to get away from his abusive boyfriend with some help of his best friend Claire, who also happens to have a crush on him. Talk about a complicated situation. When Javier finally manages to escape – with a bruised eye, nonetheless – that’s only the start of his troubles. After Claire drives drunkly and ends up crashing their car, they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no solution in sight.

As can be expected, the characters end up meeting each other, and this doesn’t always end well. Ryan’s best friend’s sexuality may bring him in severe trouble, and Javier’s abusive boyfriend isn’t about to give up on him just yet. Chased by their past and the differences between the people society wants them to be and they want to be, Javier and Ryan must face a danger they never saw coming, while Shawn faces a dark side of himself he never knew he had.

A lot of work was put into the characterization of these characters, and it shows. They each have very distinct personalities. The characters drive this novel, although the plot was definitely enjoyable as well. If you’re in need of a good suspense novel, give this one a try.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy through Enchanted Book Promotions. I received no monterary compensation for this review. This review tells my own opinion about this book.


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