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Character Interview Wolf’s Salvation Tour


I’m interviewing Lou Piacella, one of the characters from “Wolf’s Salvation”, a paranormal military romance by author duo Cam Cassidy and Ruelle Channing.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I decided a long time ago that it was best to live as a loner.  Well, not exactly alone, just avoiding relationships.  I have a few friends, drinking buddies and bed buddies but nothing long term.  People leave, feelings change.  It’s best to just stay in the friend zone.

What is your role in the story?

I work at one of the MedVision labs doing research.  Lucky me, in book one I’m with Carlee when she is rescued from the lab from her hairy ass friends who because of the white lab coat think I’m a doctor.  People never listen to me.  In book two, JT, aka GI Jackass comes along and demands I help them get inside information on what the lab is up to as far as the Wolfpack Delta. 

What is your favorite hobby? 

I don’t really have many hobbies.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story? 

Like I said, Im not looking for a relationship but when JT forces himself into my life, I struggle to keep up the walls that I’ve built. 

If you could make one wish, what would it be? 

That I would get to meet the big guns running the MedVision project on theWolfpack. 

About The Book

10612761_781355425237094_6097908782689640949_nTitle: Wolf’s Salvation

Author: Cam Cassidy and Ruelle Channing

Genre: Paranormal Military Romance

JT Howard’s heart had hardened over the years as he struggled with the demons of his past.  Once he became the Alpha of Wolfpack Delta, he gave it up for a life of quiet solitude.  JT’s solitude is shattered as he finds his pack embroiled in a war.  When he dives into active duty, he will do whatever it takes to protect what is his.

Lou Piacella life has been filled with struggles, each one overcome, but leaving behind a scar that she’s hid behind a smart mouth and cocky attitude.  A tech at MedVision Genetics lab, she finds herself an unwilling ally to the Wolfpack Delta.  Finally released, she thought her life could return to normal.  How could she have been so wrong?

Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, JT and Lou will be forced to face the demons of their pasts as they struggle to stay one step ahead of MedVision.  Can two people broken over time come together and find salvation one another?

Author Bio

Cam Cassidy’s Bio

10441348_294429777402005_5996309427886810181_nCam Cassidy grew up in a small Ohio farming community.  The lack of neighbors and companionship of mostly cows, dogs and horses left plenty of time for her passion of reading to flourish.  It wasn’t long before her imagination ran away and she was creating her own stories.

As an adult, Cam is married and the mother of three who loved keeping her on her toes.  The ever present cup of coffee in her hand and notebook in her purse has become a trademark.  While she works full time in the medical field, her spare time is filled reading and writing.  Watching her daughter ride horses, the boys dirt bikes, four wheelers, running around from one sports field to the next, she never missed jotting down that all important plot twist.

Her love romantic suspense and paranormal creatures, werewolves in particular, are showcased in her recent works.  Stay on the look out vampires, some alpha military men and cowboys that are all screaming in her head to get their stories done.

Somewhere between running kids and catching up on laundry, her hard work paid off with her first publication of Wolf’s Heart, co-authored with Ruelle Channing, by Fated Desires Publishing. The second book in the series, Wolf’s Salvation November 2014.

Her solo career begins with A Wolf Awakens, published by Decadent Publishing  coming in 2015

Cam Cassidy’s Links

Ruelle Channing’s Bio

ruelleRuelle Channing is a writer of Paranormal Romance. She grew up in a small North Carolina community with books as her best friend. Often as a child, she was scolded for propping up her book to read while she did her chores, even while her mother encouraged the interest. Her father was illiterate, but never let that keep him from learning. Most of the librarians at both her school and local library knew her by name as she was a frequent visitor there. After graduation from high school, Ruelle worked in a sewing factory. She married at age 21 and had the first of three daughters two years later. Her girls have also inherited the love of reading. As stay at home mom for 17 years, Ruelle still wondered what she wanted to be when she “grew up”. Having lived in books all her life, as an adult it has been her dream to create a world in which she would be proud to have others become entrance in. Her recent works include the Wolfpack Delta Series, which was written with friend and co-author, Cam Cassidy, and she has several other works in progress.

Ruelle Channing’s Links

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Book Excerpt Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse


Book Excerpt

Middelburg was deserted. Everyone must have fled or been killed. It didn’t look like there was a soul anywhere—alive or dead. Cautiously, we entered the town and started navigating the main street. The only sound was the hollow rattling of the cart wheels that carried Pa along. My heart was thumping again, and I could hear it in my ears, like rushing water. After a few minutes, my apprehension was replaced with a sense of calm—it looked like we were alone. I could see the pharmacy was a few hundred metres down the road. For the first time in what felt like forever, I felt a thrill of excitement—our luck was going to change.

That’s when I realised how stupid I was being.

Never let your guard down.

Never feel comfortable.

Never walk down the middle of an urban area when there is a zombie outbreak.

We’d made this exact mistake in Bloemfontein and now we were doing it again. We were idiots! We should have sent in a scout party instead of going as a group! We’d stopped thinking, letting our judgement get clouded by grief and desperation.

It all happened fast. For creatures that can’t run, zombies move faster than you expect, and when there are hundreds of them they move like an avalanche. I’m not sure if it was a zombie trap or if they had simply been alerted by the sound of those damn wheels, but they appeared all at once, trapping us like a ring of fire.

Weapons drawn, I was ready to die: ready to be torn apart by bony fingers and blood-stained teeth. So far, we’d made nothing but wrong choice after wrong choice, and good people had paid for it with their lives.

So much for being a survivor.

About The Book

Book CoverTitle: Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse

Author: Lee Herrmann

Genre: YA Horror / Dystopian

Pages: 180 pages

Publication Date: August 2014

ISBN Number: 978-0-620615-92-1

South Africa has been infected. The army and police failed. Government fell. And now the dead roam the streets.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic story set in South Africa, 2 years after a mysterious outbreak has ravaged the country. No one seems to know how it started, but the reality is that most of the rainbow nation is mindless, walking zombies and it’s survive or be eaten.

After their supplies run out, 16 year old Kon, his brother and father leave their Pretoria home and embark on a journey for a new home. They Come across Kat and Dirk, two fellow survivors on a mission to reach Robben Island, a reputed safe haven. Together they embark on an epic journey across the country. Along the way they befriend other survivors, and face an unrecognizable new world filled with new, unpredictable dangers.

Oh, and there’s lots and lots of zombies.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is a coming of age story in a very different South Africa, and chronicles one family’s fight for survival against the walking dead.

About the Author

Lee-AuthorLee Herrmann was born and raised in South

Africa. He has always had a fascination with zombies and has numerous contingency plans for the eventual apocalypse. Therefore, while he waited, it made sense to write a book about zombies in South Africa.

He has a great love of by comic books, movies, television and popular culture, and cites his zombie favourites as 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead.

He currently works in a near-zombie environment as a Content Manager for a big corporate firm in Johannesburg and has had a varied writing background including copywriting, writing for web, radio and magazines. He is also the author of the mystery title, The Manservant Mysteries (

Lee lives in Pretoria with his wife Dina, and two sons, Max and Nik. Every Saturday night he can be found going to the movies with his best friend Steve-Dave.




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Release Day Party An Impossible Dilemma

RDPimpossibleHappy release day party for thriller “An Impossible Dilemma”!

About the Book

An Impossible DilemmaTitle: An Impossible Dilemma

Author: Netta Newbound

Genre: Thriller

Local vets Victoria and Jonathan Lyons seem to have everything—a perfect marriage, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Emily, and a successful business. Until they discover Emily has a rare and fatal illness.

Early trials show that a temporary fix would be to transplant a hormone from a living donor. However in the trials; the donors had died within twenty four hours. They have no choice but to accept their daughter is going to die.

When Jonathan is suddenly killed in a farming accident, Victoria turns to her sick father-in-law, Frank, for help.  A series of events present Victoria and Frank with a situation that, although illegal, could help save Emily.

Will they take it?

Author Bio

Netta Newbound, originally from Manchester, England, now lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul and their boxer dog Alfie. She has three grown-up children and two delicious grandchildren.


Facebook –

Twitter –

Website –

Buy from Amazon:

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Book Excerpt Rani in Search of a Rainbow


About The Book

RISR-cover-hrTitle: Rani in Search of a Rainbow

Author: Shaila Abdullah

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Displaced by the Pakistan floods, Rani’s family has taken refuge at a relief camp where they are doing their part to help other flood victims. Eight-year old Rani wants to assist but doesn’t know how. Heeding the advice of her father to help in a way only children can, Rani embarks on a journey to bring true joy to a dear friend on the occasion of Eid.

Author Bio

Shaila_headshot-300x289Shaila Abdullah is an award-winning author and designer based in Austin, Texas. She is the author of four books: Saffron Dreams, Beyond the Cayenne Wall, My Friend Suhana, and A Manual for Marco. The author has received several awards for her work including the Golden Quill Award and Patras Bukhari Award for English Language. Several academic institutions have adopted her books as course study or recommended reading, including the University of California, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Indiana University, Boston University, California State University, and George Washington University. Learn more about the author at


Book Excerpt


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Book Excerpt The Leopard Stratagem


Book Excerpt


A fierce gust of wind stung Tullus’ face while Celestra fought to keep up with him.

The cold had announced itself hours ago, imposing its arrival like an unwanted guest on the  two dauntless travelers. Tullus’ Leopard-print breeches had frozen to his legs and he wondered how much more of this cold he could endure.

Thin, powder-white mist surrounded Tullus and Celestra. Around them a frozen wasteland devoid of life. Celestra growled her disdain: no doubt the Leopardess hadn’t encountered weather this cold during her lifetime.

“I think we’re lost, Girl,” Tullus said. He pulled Vulcan’s map from his backpack and eyed it confusedly. Tullus squinted at the map’s handwriting, but could make nothing from it. The frozen haze made the map almost illegible. He summoned the Lucis spell and glanced at the map under the illumination of the yellow Lucis orb. After reading it for a few moments, he looked up and cursed; Celestra had disappeared. Now he could add her absence to his list of grievances.

He called out to the Incantra but she did not respond. Tullus drew his cloak tighter across his chest. His boots were stiff and his feet were so cold he could barely move his toes, while his body felt like a stiff slab of meat that had been left out in the cold overnight. Celestra appeared in front of him, her spotted coat emerging from beneath the invisibility cloak of the Furtim spell. She growled.

“What is it, Girl?”

Celestra pointed her right front paw towards a dim outline of a cylindrical object in the distance. Tullus cast the Oculus spell and noticed it was a tower of some sort. It looked old, but still intact. He smiled for the first time in days–finally, a stroke of good luck had come their way. “Lead on, Girl.”

They trudged on towards the tower as the fierce wind fought to claim them in its frozen grip.

As the tower grew closer, Tullus eyed its oblong shape that twisted upwards toward the glacial sky, its exterior webbed in ice. They found a wooden door crusted in ice. Tullus tried opening the door but it was frozen. He summoned what Vigor he had left and threw his shoulder into it. After two attempts, and with Celestra’s added might, the door slammed open.

Inside was dark. Tullus again cast the Lucis spell, and the glowing orb reappeared above his head, offering much needed light in addition to warmth. Tullus pulled the door back in and the howling winds deceased. It was still chilly inside; but for now they were safe from frozen death.

A stone staircase spiraled upwards to a second level. Tullus and Celestra followed it. It ended in a stone landing which opened up into a large, shuttered, stone room containing a long, dusty table surrounded by wooden chairs. Tullus removed his backpack and slumped down in one of the chairs. Despite its careworn condition it supported his weight.

Tullus surveyed the room. A pantry stood against one of the walls; next to it was an alcove where an old wooden sign was posted. The following words inscribed on it in gold Latin print:

Outpost III: Home of the 14th Air Wing known as The Star falcons

Commanded by Metux the Younger

The Leopard Stratagem

Tome TwoTitle: The Leopard Stratagem

Author: T.A. Uner

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Camus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead. His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe.

But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves as an open wound to all her friends in the Troupe. Needing time to collect himself and continue developing his magical abilities, Tullus decides to seek out the wisdom of a reclusive wizard named Hradack, also known as the Leopard Master and a product of the Age of Paladins.

In Rome Eliana becomes involved in political intrigue and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving a persecuted race called the Dryads.

Decimus, now a prominent Centurion in the Praetorian Guard, is assigned to a new Roman Legion in Switzerland, where he faces the biggest challenge of his military career.

As Tullus’ power in Elemence grows, he foresees a hideous plot by an unknown enemy called Serpentus, who has kidnapped his Troupe friends and is holding them hostage on the island of Capri.

Unbeknownst to Tullus, Serpentus seeks revenge against the Leopard King and Celestra, and has armed himself with arcane powers. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus harbors plans of destroying the Leopard King and Celestra before embarking on a destructive path of conquest.

Author Bio

AuthorPicT.A.UnerT.A. Uner is a former Management Professional who spent over 15 years working for various fortune 50 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

An accomplished public speaker and event promoter, he is also a graduate of George Mason University, and holds a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and History.

A finalist in The 2010 Moonlight Mesa short fiction contest, his first short story, “The Banker’s Wife,” was published internationally in an anthology titled, Award Winning Tales. Mr. Uner lives in Virginia. He is the author of the Leopard King Saga and other works.

He looks forward to more readers discovering the life-like characters that inhabit his stories.




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Book Excerpt from Entangle


Book Excerpt

I look around the empty lot and start piecing together our location. We’re by the ocean; Torrey Pines beach is down the hill.

Leo must notice the realization dawn on me because he says, “I hope you don’t have objections to sand in your shoes.”

This feels like a date. I know I said no dates, but this feels so right that I forget to be stubborn about it. Because the moon disarms me with its pearly glow, peering through the overcast sky. The ocean is conspiring as well, luring me in with the faint but distinct soundtrack of crashing waves. I’m instantly at ease. I forget that I’m tired and a bit sad. The cool breeze has a slight bite to it, enough to stir my senses awake.

“Leo—Thank you. I needed this.”

His lips twist up when I say that.

“Don’t thank me yet.”

His kiss takes me by surprise. I nearly drop the coffee but he wraps a hand around the cup and places it somewhere overhead. On the top of the car, I think. He does it without breaking our kiss. Our hands free, he tastes me like it’s the first time and he’s burning from the inside out with a craving to know what lays beneath my clothes. I’m sure he can take me right where we stand, against his car.

I’m breathless when he pulls away; the breeze swoops in between us and tinges my swollen lips. He grabs his cup of coffee from behind me and hands me my own.

“Come on,” he says, and he guides me hand in hand toward the beach.

About The Book

Cover_ebook_EntangleTitle: Entangle

Author: Veronica Larsen

Genre:  Romance (Adult, Contemporary)

Happily ever after? It doesn’t exist.

I wore the big white dress and rode off with Prince Charming. Then Charming changed his mind.

These days, I don’t put my heart in anyone’s hands because I don’t even know where I’ve left it.

So when a ruggedly handsome, blue-eyed man stirs my desires awake for the first time in years, I tell myself it’s a one-time thing.

And now? I’m hooked. Nothing could prepare me for Leo. He weaves simple, deliberate movements into pure, gilded pleasure. Like a sensual alchemist.

I’m so blinded by lust I barely notice the gaping hole opening underneath me, the one that’s sure to swallow me down. Because every time I’ve dared to get close to someone, they’ve cracked me wide open.

Why should this time be any different?


Twitter: @Author_VLarsen
Facebook: Veronica Larsen
Wattpad: VMLarsen

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